Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mom's Dry Creek Bed

Okay, it isn't always a "dry" creek bed. And it isn't purely landscaping. At times, it is a raging river when we get runoff from the peanut field trying to find its way to the lake.

But as a pure drainage ditch, it was kind of an eyesore. So we filled in behind the car where it used to be a hole filled with weeds, brought in sod, and dug the channel deeper.

Rock is scarce here, so we robbed as much of our drainage rock as we could spare and lined the sides of the ditch. We used some of the left over brick from Mom and Dick's house to line the stream bed, and planted bulbs and shrubs along the top edges of the ditch. It should be easy to maintain and pretty once it all settles in. It will even have a waterfall when the water is raging through.