Friday, November 27, 2009

Burning off Thanksgiving Calories

I transplanted the banana plants from the drainage ditch into my big flower bed. The daffodils are starting to come up, and Bermuda grass from the lawn has slithered into the flower beds. While not totally familiar with all the local plants (or even the ones I have planted) I think I mostly removed all the weeds and left most of the good stuff.

Mom weeding her flower beds. I hope at 91 I will still be able and willing to take on such a big project.

You know you might be a Redneck if you burn your lawn instead of mowing it. :) (What telephone pole??)

Ron cleaning oak leaves out of the gutters. Many more to come. Our leaf season is just beginning.

Dick blowing oak leaves from the patios onto the lawn for mulching with the mower.