Friday, October 9, 2009

A Picnic in the Mountains of Switzerland

By the fourth day we were in Europe, Ron was starting to say things like "I just want a hot dog" or "I just want a hamburger" so Laura and Thomas left no stone unturned to find him his hotdog. We first went to the grocery store and bought buns and bratwurst and Italian sausage, mustard, condiments, a lighter, and some fruit. Then as we went higher and higher in the Villemaggio, we found a perfect stream that we could drive the car right up to. We gathered driftwood and made a fire and then roasted the wurst on the fire. It was a really lovely time and at the end of a really harrowing road. Ron did amazingly well in a stick shift car that he has rarely driven on steep mountain roads with heavy traffic lots of the time. Here are some pictures of our picnic.

The top pictures are a sampling of the road going to the top. There were quaint stone villages all the way up the mountain.