Monday, September 21, 2009

Six days on the road

I am feeling like I have been aboard a boat for about a month. I kind of sway as I walk and it feels like the ground is still rolling. We are nearly through with our twice yearly trek across the United States. When we go this direction (Northwest to Southeast) it always seems longer as we lose hours as we cross time zones. We are now in Central Daylight Time, and we haven't quite adjusted to going to bed at 9 p.m. instead of 11, but we have figured out how to still get up when it gets light (still 7 a.m. here at the equinox-equivalent to getting up at 5 a.m. at home) which rolls with the time changes, shorting us a couple of hours of sleep. :( Not good for a person like me that really values a good night's sleep!

A nice visit with relatives in Eastern Washington (brother and sister-in-law in Pateros and son and family in Tonasket) started our journey. Then we backtracked to go over Blewett Pass and down through Yakima to Oregon and then Idaho and into Nevada, where we stayed for a couple of days. We visited our son and his wife and her family in Salt Lake City and waited patiently (kind of) for 3 days for their first baby to be born. Running out of time, we drove hard the past couple of days and are within striking distance of our GA home for tomorrow, after stopping a few miles north of Nashville tonight.

We entered the biggest weather front we have ever seen yesterday around noon. We could see black on both sides and in front of us with bright clear skies behind for quite a ways. However, eventually we got fully into the front and watched lightning every couple of seconds for hours. When we got up this morning, we were still under the front and drove in it most of the day, finally getting on the other side this afternoon when we came into Illinois.

Ready to face any lurking problems from our six months' absence at the GA house in the interest of sleeping again in our own bed!