Sunday, September 13, 2009

On the road again :)

I am trying a new plan for communicating - I am new to the bloggersphere so be patient with me. :)

Once again it is time to face the bittersweet challenge of leaving the place we love here in Washington to wimp out on winter in the dark and damp Pacific Northwest. It is especially hard to leave this year when the sky is still blue and the sun still warm as we are leaving earlier than usual. Greeting a new grandchild is worth the sacrifice though! We take comfort in the fact that we will greet the sun on the other end of this trip when we arrive at our winter home in Georgia, and can extend our favorite season, summer, for a few more months, and see all the wonderful friends we left behind in April.

We had a really nice family gathering yesterday and now it is time to get serious about loading the van so we can leave bright and early in the morning. See you from the road!