Sunday, April 30, 2017


First step:  Lay out all the parts and pieces.
Second step:  Study directions - Multiple times - 86 pages of instructions with NO words - Just drawings and arrows - not always very clear - Most of the parts had numbers - but not all of them.  Definitely a challenge!
We found that every step had to be done in order - no skipping ahead!  The bolts that hold most everything together fit into a groove in each piece, and you have to be sure to put every bolt in when it is called out.
Once we had the ridge pole in place, it firmed it up nicely, so we could quit worrying about the wind blowing it down before we got it done.
I've started moving plants in, but I was pretty tuckered out after finishing, so will work more on using it now!
Even the doors and windows had to be built!  We were pretty happy with how it turned out!