Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Taking a Break!

I suppose you could call us obsessive when we start painting on the new house at daybreak (about an hour before the sun comes up!) - Which at this time of year is about 5 a.m.
So when our friend, Ron Moen, called and said "Let's go fly to breakfast" at 7 a.m., we already had a couple of hours of painting under our belt.  We dropped our paintbrushes and rollers and cleaned up and headed out.   We arrived at his hangar at the Arlington Airport by 8 a.m. and he took us for a grand ride!
I was surprised at how many of the San Juan Islands I could identify from air.  Everything looks different from above!
The new house we're building is in the middle of the left side of this picture.  The van in the driveway is the garage door installer.  Nice to see someone is on the job there today!