Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Jim and Sheryl Visit

Ron's sister, Sheryl, and her husband, Jim, came to visit us just before we headed from the Georgia house to the Florida house. 
Before we left Georgia, we took a trip down to the dam to have a look back at a big part of Lake Eufaula.
 We took Jim and Sheryl to one of our favorite places in Abbeyville, AL, Huggin' Molly's for lunch.
After enduring a 3 hour delay on I-75 on our way to the Florida house, we arrived at the Florida house and began to show them this area.  One of the places on our tour list is Solomon's Castle, where we went to lunch one day while they were with us.

And, on another day, lunch at one of the weirdest places in Florida, the Linger Lodge.

They wanted to see Manatees, so we went to the bay where Tampa Electric warms the waters so Manatees can come when the gulf cools off.  Not too many in residence yet, but we did see several.
Banyan trees are always fun.  This one is in downtown Venice, a couple of miles north of us.
We enjoyed the taxidermy display and the many unique retail items to be found at the Shell Factory in Ft Myers.  Then we went to the Ft Myers Flea market - where they picked up some Christmas presents and we stocked up on oranges.