Saturday, October 18, 2014

Trip South 2014 - Iowa

Somewhere in Nebraska, we always pass this arch.  One day we may even stop to see what it's all about.  Part of the scenery in our Disney World type ride across the U.S.A.
Ron's brothers live in Iowa, and his sister in Missouri, so we all met in Oelwein for a mini-family reunion. 
A Crawford tradition - gathering around a table to play poker or dice. 
 Sheryl and Jim came up from Missouri to visit.
Gary and Evie - We usually stay with them and enjoy the oasis they provide us in the middle of our trip!
Ron's brother, Dale, and wife, Katreena, live a few miles south in Hazelton.
Ron's niece, Debbie, stopped by to say hello.
Dale, Gary, Ron, Sheryl - It's been a while since these four have been together, so we all enjoyed a great visit!