Thursday, July 3, 2014

July Deck Project

After nearly 30 years in this old log house, we've replaced the front deck twice.  Now we're replacing a board here and another there, but it does show some wear.  We saw an ad for this deck cover paint and decided to go to Home Depot and check it out.
Although expensive - $137 for five gallons - we decided it was something we should do. 
It looked so good, we decided to do the cabin deck too.  That meant I had to severely prune back the hop vine and assorted other plants that surround it.
Definitely worth the effort - moving all the deck furniture, pruning shrubs, painting, etc.  And one coat did a really great job of covering, so we only used around four gallons - for both decks, and
including steps for both decks.  The main deck has eight twelve foot steps.  We also covered four long benches on the main deck, so we were very pleased with the product.