Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Getting Ready to Build

I haven't been on the internet much lately as we have a massive project going on here!  We've been getting ready to build a new house on the 5 acre lot adjacent to our house.  The good side of this is we don't have any commuting time - the down side is we don't seem to know when to quit!
We started with a site that Ron has been mowing for 20 years - not large enough for a building site so some trees had to come down.
We used our small tractor to haul all the branches and blocks of wood to other areas.  Two large Hemlock trees will provide firewood for about five years!

There were about a dozen maple trees that had to come out also - the biggest was a real challenge - you can see it in the distance - still standing.
Down it goes!
Now to remove the massive stumps!
Site work mostly done - house corners staked,
Perk holes dug - waiting for design.  Now the fun begins!