Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Sights in the 'Hood

The sun is setting much further to the North now, so we are looking directly out at the setting sun.  Every day is different, always beautiful.

Both osprey and vultures were soaring above the freshly tilled fields.  The osprey has a new nest started on top of the light pole just outside our door.
The Bradford pear trees suddenly popped into bloom this week.
Our neighbor, Nancy, has a whole row of them along the road.
The one I planted a few years ago isn't so huge yet, but it is in full bloom for the first time this year.
Red bud trees,
and Dogwood, blooming at the same time, but no azaleas yet.  I've seen them bloom in early February, so they are late this year.  Usually they bloom with the Dogwood and the redbud trees are long done blooming by then. 
Even daffodils are later this year.  It's been beautiful and warm since we arrived last week, but it sounds like the winter was colder than normal around here.