Monday, December 2, 2013

Visiting the Appalacian Mountains

We had the most amazing weekend in the mountains of North Carolina and North Georgia with our friends, Jesse and Peggy.  They have a home in Murphy, N.C., which is the center of an incredible variety of things to do and places to see.
Thanksgiving morning, we headed out to "The Cookie Jar" restaurant for a sumptuous feast before exploring antique shops and craft stores from Murphy, NC to Blairsville, GA.

Every road is scenic.  We can see why this area is famous for the motorcycle experience it offers.  This road wound around  following the Nantahala River.
The day started out very cold with snow in patches at the higher elevations, but none on the roads.

However, some of the ice formations were pretty spectacular!
By noon, the bright sun had warmed things up and we started shedding coats when the temperature rose to about 55 degrees.
You know you're in hunting area when you spot something like this in the back of the truck parked next to you. 
"Alexander's" is a very interesting store - They sell everything!
Jewelry, clothing, furniture, sporting goods - and they have a famous sale on black Friday, so lots of customers find it out in the middle of nowhere.
Yonah Mountain Treasures is the home of many local potters and craftsmen.

The patriarch of the Meadow's clan of famous potters, Nub, is known for his blue chickens.  They even have a place in the Smithsonian Institute.  Peggy collects the blue chickens, so we were looking for a bargain on consignment. 
The store offers many other unique treasures. Sometimes I wish I was a better shopper!  I'm sure I passed by many things that people I care about would love, but I don't collect anything, so I was able to look in awe without taking anything home.