Monday, June 3, 2013

The Great Floor Project of 2013

I used to wax the old wood floors in our log house, and they looked pretty good for a while.  However, we decided when the kitchen was redone in 2009 that we should refinish all the floors so I quit waxing them.  We redid the floor under the breakfast nook the next year, and then put the rest of the project on the big "P" (procrastinate).  Other projects always took priority, and let's face it, it was a huge endeavor not to be taken on lightly.
We had asked a flooring guy to look at refinishing the floors for us and he suggested we tear up the old floor and install new.  That probably makes sense to anyone without deep sentimental attachment to this house in all its quirkiness.  So the work began with us doing it ourselves.  Our original plan was to do about 8' x 10' this year and another section next year and so on until it got done.
It's a tedious job - painting the caustic stripper on a small section, then scraping with razors, then scrubbing with steel wool, then sanding with a belt sander, and finally painting with a coat of Danish oil.  We decided to go for a matte look rather than a shiny one this time.
Of course, we had to move all the furniture around and around and around as we worked.
But gradually, foot by difficult foot, we moved all the way from one end of the room to the other.  
And after a full week of full days, the floors are done!
Just in time - the sun is out, Ron is well, and we are heading out on the motorcycle.