Thursday, May 16, 2013

Flowers in Bloom

April showers bring May flowers, and we love May!
Years ago, the Rhododendron farm in Marysville went out of business and we took advantage of their sale.  Since the price was only a dollar per plant, we got kind of carried away and brought home truckloads of them.  They started their life with us at about 8" tall.
The early bloomers are gorgeous right now,
every color from white 
to pink,
to red,
to deep dark red are blooming now.  Some of the purples are barely budded, but will be out later.
Azaleas we salvaged as babies from a rental house are also pretty this year.
A lot of my flowers are starts from friends, or holdovers from plantings from 50 years ago.
The lilac survived an assault with the chainsaw by Ron, who doesn't know a flower from a weed and thought it was "spoiling the view"!!
Lilies coming soon!