Sunday, April 7, 2013

Last Florida Motorcycle Ride of the Season

On yet another perfect day, the people who are still hanging out in Florida got together for one last motorcycle ride.
 Our great ride leaders, Patti and Fran, took us on a nice ride through the middle of Florida, through the miles of orange groves smelling heavenly with their new blossoms.
First stop, the campground where many people have winter homes.
We met France and Michael for the first time on this ride.  They both ride Harleys.
When we stopped at the 7-11 on King's Highway our party of 9 bikes (16 people) was complete.
Al and Jackie joined us at the 7-11.
Fran gave us a break on a country road about halfway to our lunch destination.
The guys had a chance to look over all the bikes.
Everyone had a chance to visit for a few minutes.
Cynthia and Bill on their new CanAm
Last stop, the Limestone Bar, conveniently located at the junction of two great motorcycle roads.
Roy and Elaine will hold down the Florida fort when the rest of us return to our home bases in a few days.
Greg and Donna
Mars and Elaine
We felt really fortunate to have so many of our biker friends still in Florida for a ride today!