Sunday, November 18, 2012

Flea Market Shopping

Are flea markets a uniquely Southern thing or do we just not know where they are or have time for them when we are home?
There are at least three flea markets with around 1,000 booths each within 50 miles of our Englewood, FL house.  
The Red Barn Flea Market is located on the outskirts of Bradenton, just north of Sarasota.
 Clothes, clocks,
 hats and Florida t-shirts,
 polish for your car or boat,
 wall hangings,
 stuff for the pets,
 lotto tickets, toys, 
 name plates,

 entertaining games for kids,
 interesting decor items,

 used items of every description,
 pots to plant them in,
 golf carts,
 golf clubs,
 a variety of plastics from China,
 belts, etc. etc. 
Something for everyone - I happily picked up a $2 watermelon, a $5 bag of oranges, a $1 head of lettuce, and a $1.25 basket of tomatoes.  That was all I could convince Ron to carry back to the car that was parked about a mile away.