Sunday, January 15, 2012

Englewood Farmers' Market

Another cold snap! Instead of sitting around reading we decided to bundle up and go to the Saturday Farmers' Market.  It is held twice a month at the Methodist Church a mile or so from our house.  There is a Thursday market that is closer, but we like this one better.
It is kind of hard to decide what to wear when we start out at 49 degrees, knowing the temperature will surely get better as the sun warms up the day.  We saw people in full winter gear and others in shorts.
We stocked up on tomatoes, oranges, avocados, and onions in anticipation of cooking a bit more this next week when we have company.
I am always tempted by the beautiful orchids, but resisted today.
We never did find the craft section in the massive church where they were holding a pancake breakfast and craft show.  We did get our exercise wandering around looking though.