Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Casey Key Motorcycle Ride

It was another beautiful day in SW Florida, so we headed out on the motorcycle.  One of the many beautiful barrier islands along the Gulf of Mexico in SW Florida is Casey Key, about 20 miles north of our home in Englewood.
The road winds along the island with the Gulf on the west and the bay on the east side of the road.  In some places, there are homes on each side of the road, but some of the really amazing mansions sit on  one side but the property bridges the road.  The "gulf to bay" properties are the most expensive of all the very expensive real estate found along the keys.
While the homes themselves are very impressive, the gardens are truly spectacular.
Bougainvilla is a common landscaping feature, and it comes in an array of beautiful colors.
I love how the ivy is trimmed to fill the fence, with the color of the bougainvilla all around.
The poinsettias along the top of this wall give a touch of Christmas landscaping.
The pier park at the south end of Casey Key looks across at Venice Island to the south.  This is one of several openings from the intercoastal waterway on the bay side to the Gulf.
The vastness of the gulf and higher waves are visible most of the way from the road up the key.
Most docks are situated on the bay side of the island.