Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall in the Deep South

We took a last motorcycle ride around Lake Eufaula last week, knowing we were heading down to Florida on the weekend.  It is hard for me to leave when it is so beautiful in Georgia, but Mr. Ron wanted to get the bike to Florida while it was still warm and sunny for the ride.  Since I was driving the car, with no worries about cold and/or rain, it seemed like it was his call.
We spotted the smoke before we came upon the controlled burn.  
The leaves are really starting to turn.  The super dry fall seems to have brought even more color than usual.  The reds are especially brilliant this year.
In our trek around the lake, we stopped at Highland Park, one of the beautiful parks maintained by the DNR.
The low water this year makes for really nice sandy beaches around the lake.  This one is at Highland Park.
Not sure if the controlled burns are what make for such beautiful sunsets.  This is the last one we will see this fall as we head down to Florida for the rest of the year.
But it is lovely to ride the motorcycle in our shirtsleeves and eat outside while we watch the boats.