Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bike Ride to Snoqualmie Falls

Oh what a beautiful day it was!  We left the house around 10 and headed out Wood Creek Road, along Lake Roesiger, through Monroe and Duvall.  We stopped in Carnation at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Ixtapa for lunch.
Then we continued past the corn fields and flower farms along the Snoqualmie River as it winds between Carnation and Fall City.

At Fall City, we headed up the beautiful winding road to Snoqualmie Falls.   
Some nice engineer designed the parking lot with several motorcycle parking places right near the trail to the overlook.  We shed our coats in Carnation for the perfect riding conditions for the rest of the day.
My daughter, Amy, and her husband, Dan, chose the wonderful lodge that is perched at the top of the falls for their wedding.  The grounds are gorgeous with many picnic areas, a nice snack bar, and of course, the elegant dining room at the lodge.
It was such a fantastic day that we decided to take the long way home.  So took the Snoqualmie Valley Road instead of going back through Duvall.  We weren't entirely sure where we would come out at something we were familiar with, but we continued north and west until we hit Highway 9 just south of Snohomish.

It was a perfect day for a ride on a motorcycle in a perfect place when the weather cooperates.