Sunday, October 10, 2010

Southern Agriculture - Fall 2010

It still feels like summer, but the fall harvest is well underway.  
You can see the tractor in the background turning the peanut plants.  This is the field across from our house where they are just getting started.
The peanuts are uprooted, turned with the green side down and peanuts up to dry in the sun.
This machine sucks the vines in and separates the peanuts from the vines.  The peanuts are shot into the trailer and the vines are cornrowed so they can be baled on the next pass.
Peanut Hay
Some cotton is just starting to form bolls.
Some is fully formed and ready for harvest.
Some is already baled.  While most bales are still big square blocks, we are seeing the smaller round bales this year.
And all the roads are full of machinery!