Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Migration to Georgia - Wyoming to Iowa

We left Salt Lake City early in the morning on September 26, still in sunshine.  We didn't see a drop of rain on the entire trip.  Our van is plastered with bugs, and we had to be sure every time we gassed up to wash the windshield.  I had gotten my first flu shot ever when we were in Salt Lake.  It seemed the prudent thing to do since Ron was coughing and wheezing and all stuffed up.  I think I got the shot in time, because I dodged the bullet of his cold.  We decided the first day to take a quick trip to Saratoga Hot Springs in Wyoming.  It is just off I-80, and is a free pool, nicknamed "The Hobo Pool".  It is attached to the municipal pool which we have never found open on our many stops.  The hobo pool has gotten progressively hotter over the years, and this time, neither of us was able to get in.  The river that runs beside the pool is icy cold - so cold your legs ache if you step in it.  Some hardy souls had dammed up a pool where the water overflows from the cement pool, and it was lovely.  Here are a few pictures.  The first one is of the main pool, with someone actually in it - he was the only person we saw put more than a single foot into the pool.
Even this pool in the middle of the frigid river was hot at first.
Wyoming - where we see beautiful purple weeds and herds of antelope.
Colorful grain silos along I-80 in Nebraska
This is pretty typical of Nebraska scenery - lots of corn and windmills.
More of the same in Iowa 
But Iowa is also about family - Ron playing penny ante poker with his brothers, Dale and Gary.
Gary's daughter, Michelle
Gary & Evie
Dale & Katreena
Doretta & Zea