Thursday, September 16, 2010

Amy & Dan's New House

My daughter Amy, and husband, Dan, bought a house in Seattle this month.  In spite of the doom and gloom things we hear about the real estate market, it still appears to be brisk in Seattle.  

My husband, Ron, is laid up with a strained back, and Dan was working, so I had a chance to visit my only daughter one on one for the first time in years.  It was a great day!  Amy is busy writing a book and preparing for a year of eating locally.  You can see her blog at Seasonally Seattle.

Near the University of Washington in the Ravenna District, the house is ideally located close to everything, but with a very nice private neighborhood.

Amy is thinking about raising a couple of laying hens in the fenced back yard.  Building codes allow for two chickens per household.  After searching for local eggs, she is convinced raising them herself is the best option.  Good Girl!

The house is classic with modernized things like bathrooms and kitchens and lots of light.  The original stained glass windows in the living room are beautiful.