Friday, October 9, 2009

Swiss family

Above: Laura, Thomas, Gabriel and his wife, Wanda. Below on the left: Laura and Thomas in Zurich, the first day we arrived. Darling Anouk on the right. She was a joy to have along! This shot was taken in Locarno on the first day of our holiday to Italian Switzerland. At the bottom of the page: Karenina and Gabriel.

We had a very Swiss dinner (complete with venison and chestnuts and spaezle) with Laura, Thomas, Gabriel, his wife, Wanda, and their daughter, Anouk, and Karenina in Solothurn.

We left in the morning for a trip into the Italian part of Switzerland, where it was interesting to watch Laura and Thomas struggle to be understood in English (no one at all seemed to speak German in that part of Switzerland).